Make Picks Now for 3-Event Season at MMA Salary Cap Challenge

Posted 11:08 AM
After testing with a few single event games, we're starting our first mini-season at MMA Salary Cap Challenge. The season will run for three events: UFC 138, UFC on FOX, and UFC 139. The person with the highest point total at the end of three events will be the winner. Keep in mind that you won't be able to join the season in-progress, so if you want to play for these events, you have to get your picks in before UFC 138. Also remember that strategy shifts when multiple events are in play. If you're ahead, pick conservatively. If you need to make up ground, it might be time to make some riskier plays.

If you need help making some picks for UFC 138, check out the new advice column on the blog:

Cyrille Diabate $21 - There's not many fighters Diabate could fight at 205 pounds in the UFC that would inflate his unit price to $21, but here we are. Anthony Perosh has this fight because he stepped in on short notice to fight Mirko Cro Cop, and the UFC found him a body to beat up in front of a hometown crowd in Australia. Diabate is an accomplished kickboxer, and his 11.18 points for significant strikes is the best three-fight average on the card. You can expect him to land on Perosh, who will be giving up six inches of reach.

Check out the whole column for more picks at UFC 138.

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