MMA Salary Cap Challenge Advice - Is $7 Still Too Pricey for Kenny Florian?

Posted 11:36 AM
If you're struggling with who to pick in the new MMA Salary Cap Challenge game, check out the first advice column on the official blog:

Kenny Florian $7 - As the cheapest option on the card, Florian looks like a potential sleeper. Florian's a well-rounded guy who racked up solid points in four categories against Diego Nunes and Takanori Gomi. (Gray Maynard stifled Florian at UFC 118.) Unfortunately for Florian, being a good well-rounded fighter isn't enough to beat a guy like Jose Aldo. Were it not for a disastrous fade against Mark Hominick at UFC 129, Aldo would have held each of his last three opponents under 3 points. Instead, that number rests at 3.46, still the top number on the card by a fair margin.

Check out the whole column for more tips and strategy at UFC 136.

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