Updated UFC Leaders after UFC 129 - @georgesstpierre Becomes First UFC Fighter with 2,000 Total Strikes

Posted 12:59 AM
The major movement on the all-time UFC records page all belonged to Georges St-Pierre. In defeating Jake Shields by unanimous decision, St-Pierre also became the first UFC fighter in history with 2,000 total strikes, reclaiming the number one spot after dropping to second place behind Jon Fitch.

But most of St-Pierre's moves on the leaderboards were in the wrong direction. He dropped down to 10th place in striking accuracy and to 8th place in SApM. And with another 25-minute decision, St-Pierre enters at #8 for longest average fight time, with the average GSP match now lasting 14 minutes, four seconds.

Note: Due to a minor chance in a few of our calculations, some fluctuations can be seen in the leaderboards for SLpM, SApM, and Sig. Striking Defense.

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