Updated UFC Leaders - Chong Li Sets New Record for Striking Accuracy

Posted 11:51 AM
Thanks to our new FightMetric FLIX program, FightMetric can now include fictional characters from famous martial arts movies in the official list of UFC record-holders. The first movie undertaken by the project is the classic 1984 Jean-Claude Van Damme film "Bloodsport." In it, Van Damme portrays Frank Dux's improbable run through the 1975 Kumite to capture the tournament title.

Based on his performance in the film, South Korean heavyweight Chong Li enters the leaderboards at #1 in striking accuracy. His 90.2% accuracy blows away the current UFC record of 68.3% held by Anderson Silva.

Check out more stats from Bloodsport in this infographic and the official FightMetric report for the final match between Dux and Li.

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