Updated UFC Leaders after UFN 24 - @philmrwonderful Shatters UFC Record for Fewest Strikes Absorbed per Minute (SApM)

Posted 12:25 AM
There was only one major change in the all-time UFC records page coming out of the main card, but it was a big one. With his fifth UFC fight, Phil Davis qualifies for the leaderboards and jumps in at #1 all-time for the fewest number of significant strikes absorbed per minute (SApM). Davis' SApM is just 0.38, meaning that he takes a significant strike about once every three minutes. That is not just six times better than the UFC average, it's twice as good as even the fighter in second place.

Davis has taken the art of not getting hit to unseen heights in UFC competition. In fact, his numbers are so good, they even outpace the stars of the early days of the UFC. We don't include fights from before UFC 28 for the purposes of official records, due to the different rules and fight times in use. But even if we include fights going back to UFC 1, Davis' 0.38 SApM still ranks ahead of the next fighter, Dan Severn, with a SApM of 0.44. This, despite the fact that Severn fought fights of up to 30 minutes against competition that was not comparable to modern mixed martial artists.

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