Breaking News! FightMetric Announces the Creation of FightMetric FLIX, Bringing Statistics to Classic Martial Arts Movies

Posted 12:00 AM
April 1, 2011 - Responding to overwhelming demand from its dozens of fans, FightMetric is proud to announce a brand new feature called FightMetric FLIX. This new program will, for the very first time, bring FightMetric's unique brand of combat intelligence to martial arts movies. This new offering is available at

"While FightMetric has concentrated mainly on MMA, we recognized the demand for a repository of statistics surrounding martial arts films," said a FightMetric official who declined to be named for some reason. "FightMetric FLIX provides us with another opportunity to take statistics and ruin something enjoyed casually by so many."

The FightMetric FLIX system utilizes an unnecessarily precise and scientific methodology to analyze martial arts films across more than 67 statistical categories, encompassing all strikes, takedowns, submissions, and training montages. It will also utilize FightMetric's proprietary algorithm to produce an overall Effectiveness Score and use other metrics to foster greater understanding of how theatrical martial arts bouts are fought.

"For years, fans have asked difficult questions with no answers, like 'What is Steven Seagal's overall striking accuracy?'" the anonymous official said. "We might not ever know if Bruce Lee could have competed in the UFC, but we can at least figure out how many kicks he landed in The Chinese Connection."

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