UFC Leaders - Takedowns Landed

Posted 11:00 AM
The eighth in our series going through the categories on our UFC Official Records page, this post deals with the record holders for the highest volume of takedowns landed.

What: This volume or "counting" stat is the most basic of all grappling metrics. It simply measures which fighters have been able to takedown their opponents more often than any other in UFC history.

Why: This category is as important to the grappling game as significant strikes landed is to the striking aspect of MMA. Fighters who can consistently takedown their opponents control the pace and position of the fight. While this metric doesn't account for things like ground control, it is still indicative of a highly effective technique; making an opponent think about the takedown that may be coming is effective in its own right.

1Georges St-Pierre66
2Karo Parisyan53
3Gleison Tibau52
4Sean Sherk50
5Jon Fitch48
6Randy Couture46
7Rashad Evans44
8Clay Guida41
9Matt Hughes40
10Frank Edgar35
Who's Next: Expect a lot of volatility in this list because of how closely the fighters are bunched together, with only a few takedowns between them. The next three fighters (Josh Koscheck, Tito Ortiz, and Ricardo Almeida) are all still active and could easily make the list with another takedown-heavy performance.

The Breakdown: Another category that finds Georges St-Pierre on top. It's just another feather in his cap and piece of evidence pointing to him as the premier wrestler in the game. Most of the other names are not likely to surprise. We see a veritable who's who of the UFC's wrestling talent with names like Sherk, Couture, Fitch, Guida, and Hughes.

The two names that are a bit suprising are the ones in the #2 and #3 slot. It seems that both Karo Parisyan and Gleison Tibau are here for similar reasons. They have a pretty easy time getting an opponent to the ground, but they have not had too much success in keeping them there.

The Takeaway: This category is kind of a strange one. While showing up on this list is a testament to a fighter's takedown ability, it can also be a testament to their inability to hold their opponent down. For example, a fighter who lands a takedown at the start of a round and is able to control his opponent effectively won't need another takedown. Showing up here might be indicative of good wrestling but bad ground control.

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