UFC Leaders - Takedown Accuracy

Posted 11:00 AM
The ninth in our series going through the categories on our UFC Official Records page, this post deals with the record holders for the highest takedown accuracy.

What: This percentage or "rate" stat is an easy one to calculate. It simply divides the number of takedowns landed by the number attempted and produces an accuracy percentage. A quick note: some fans are more generous in calling successful takedowns than we are. A takedown must be established and put the attempter in an advantageous position to count.

Why: This is one of the more important categories in MMA. Getting an opponent to the ground is a crucial way to control the fight, but doing so efficiently is nearly as important. Fighters who miss on takedowns expend unnecessary energy and often put themselves in a disadvantageous position as a result. Lastly, fighters who continue to try for takedowns that they cannot complete become predictable; the threat of a level-change is most useful when its unexpected.

1Georges St-Pierre77.7%
2John Howard71.4%
3Nate Marquardt70.6%
4Jonathan Goulet70.0%
5Cheick Kongo68.8%
6Jon Jones68.2%
6Cain Velasquez68.2%
8Renato Sobral66.7%
9CB Dolloway65.0%
9Rich Franklin65.0%

Who's Next: BJ Penn just got knockout out of the top 10 after UFC 126, but could make it back with a successful takedown or two at UFC 127. Among other active fighters, Gleison Tibau and Kurt Pellegrino stand the best chance to show up here.

The Breakdown: What a shock, another grappling category with Georges St-Pierre at the top. St-Pierre is far and away the most accurate takedown artist in the history of the UFC. That he also appears at the top of the list for most takedowns landed is remarkable. Even though opponents know the takedown is coming, he still manages to land them with greater efficiency than anyone else in the sport.

The names in the #4 and #5 slot might surprise a lot of people. Both Jonathan Goulet and Cheick Kongo are known primarily as strikers. Goulet benefited from a few very strong performances against opponents with weak wrestling. Kongo has actually shown excellent takedowns from his preferred position, pressing his opponent against the fence.

The Takeaway: The list is more volatile than most, with just one good or bad performance all that's needed to win or lose a spot. As we saw on Saturday night, Jon Jones was able to improve a couple of spots by going 2-for-2 against Ryan Bader. The more impressive leaders will be the ones who can make the list (and stay there) despite long careers and many attempts. No matter one's personal feelings about St-Pierre's style of late, his appearance at the top of this and the total takedowns list begs respect.

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