Introducing the Official UFC Record Holders

Posted 5:13 PM
Who has hit the most homeruns in baseball history?

Which player scored the most goals in the NHL?

What wide receiver holds the record for most touchdown receptions in NFL history?

Ask any sports fan these questions and they won't even have to think before giving the names of Bonds, Gretzky, and Rice. But ask even the most ardent MMA fan to name the fighter who has landed the most strikes in UFC history and all they can do is hazard a guess. Every major sport has its milestones and record holders, but MMA has none. Until now.

FightMetric, the official statistics provider of the UFC, introduces the first-ever list of official UFC career record holders. Compiling statistics from every fight from UFC 28 to the present, FightMetric presents the top-10 fighters across 12 core performance categories. Rankings will be updated after each UFC event to reflect any changes.

Stay tuned to the FightMetric blog for more rankings and breakdowns of each of the categories and their leaders.

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