Win Prizes with MMA Tournament Pick ‘Em

Posted 4:46 PM
FightMetric is proud to bring the first ever bracket-style game to MMA. Our MMA Tournament Pick ‘Em bracket challenge is a full-featured fantasy game that's completely free and fun to play. Round 1 starts with UFC 122 on November 13, so make sure to register and make your picks now.

Our partners at Rogers Sportsnet are offering over $2,000 in prizes, but prizes are limited to Canadian residents outside Quebec. To make sure everyone has a chance to win a prize no matter where they live, FightMetric is inviting everyone to join our private pool to compete against us and win some great prizes.

The prizes for the top finishers in the FightMetric Fans pool are:*

First Place: $150 gift card
Second Place: $100 gift card
Third Place: $50 gift card

You must be a member of the FightMetric Fans pool to be eligible to receive these prizes. You can be a member of multiple pools, so you can still participate in this offer even if you’ve already joined another pool.

To join the FightMetric Fans pool:

1. Go to and login or register.

2. If you haven't already done so, make your picks for the game "UFC 122 thru UFC 124".

3. Once you’ve confirmed your registration, click the "My Pool" link at the top of the screen or go to Settings > Pools > Join Private Pool and enter:

Name: FightMetric Fans
Password: combatintelligence

Good luck and may the best fan win!

* See FightMetric's Terms of Use for terms and conditions.

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