FightMetric Now the Official Statistics Provider of UFC

Posted 2:16 PM
News Release - FightMetric® is now the official statistics provider of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®), supplying the world's first comprehensive mixed martial arts (MMA) statistics and analysis system to the largest MMA organization in the world. The inclusion of official FightMetric data into the evaluation of both fights and fighters will, for the first time ever, provide media members and fans with a chance to track the history and performance of UFC competitors beyond simple wins and losses.

The FightMetric system utilizes a precise and scientific methodology to analyze MMA bouts across 67 statistical categories, encompassing all strikes, takedowns, submissions, and position changes. In addition to raw statistics, FightMetric is at the vanguard of advanced MMA analytics, creating a proprietary algorithm to produce an overall Effectiveness Score and pioneering the use of other metrics to foster greater understanding of how MMA bouts are fought.

"We are very proud to be the official statistics provider of the UFC, who we have worked closely with for several years," said Rami Genauer, FightMetric creator. "As the industry-leader in MMA statistics, FightMetric is poised to provide its unique brand of combat intelligence to the biggest mixed martial arts organization in the world. We are also thrilled to bring enhanced use of our statistics to the new design of their website."

Genauer continued, "UFC fans will now have access to a set of data more powerful than anything previously available in MMA history. Our hope is that access to this data will only increase appreciation for the amazing athletes who compete in the UFC. Sports fans who are accustomed to seeing performance data on their favorite baseball and football players can now engage UFC fighters on a similar level."

FightMetric provides its clients, including the UFC, with live round-by-round data during MMA events. The information is available online at and other FightMetric partner sites, with FightMetric statistics powering fighter profile and events pages.

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